Frequently Asked Questions

Shortly after doing the “hallelujah we received another order” dance and a few cups of morning coffee…. we open the shop and get busy printing orders for the day.  We scan orders that include sublimation transfers and send those over to our handy dandy printing team (located about 20 feet from my office desk) to be processed and then we’re off to the races. One order at a time we pull the lucky tumblers you’ve requested  from our pre-marked shelf space. Our goal is to pick the best white boxes available and your order then is placed on our shipping table and sized up for the perfect, not to large, not to small heavy duty shipping box. It’s game on for a round of friendly Tetris fitting all your tumblers neatly in the smallest box possible. We double check your order, add straws or any extras (sometimes free goodies if time allows). We also write you a quick note to let you know we love you (‘cause we do!).  Your package is then weighed and labeled and your tracking information is manually added to your order history for easy tracking. Our mail carrier Isaac arrives anytime after 1:00 and our singing FedEx driver Don usually comes by 2:00.  Once all orders are packed and shipped  on their way to new homes….we then commence closing up shop so that we can be with our families and tend to other adulting responsibilities.  Again, thank you for partnering with Cupartistry Blanks for your tumbler needs! 

We’ve been told our shipping is “FREAKY FAST”! If you place your order before the noon bell rings (EST) you can expect your box of goodness to ship the  same day. Orders placed after the noon bell (EST) will ship the next business day. Orders placed on Friday after the noon bell (EST) will ship Monday. You should receive you order within 3-5 business days after we’ve handed off to USPS or FedEx. 

You bet your biscuits you can! Who hasn’t placed an order to only remember you needed something else? We are happy to accommodate you as long as your order has not shipped or processed. Simply select local pickup at check out and put a note in the comments of your new order asking us to combine your orders. 

How do I know if my order has been processed? If your crystal ball is on the blink and not working you can go simply go to your account and (assuming you created an account) and go to your order history. If your order says completed we can no longer add to your order. 

Tracking is updated when your order ships and can be found under the “My account” tab at the top of the home page. You must register for a account to view and track your order. 

Please inventory your order right away and report any damaged or missing items within 5 business days. Should you have a issue please send your email to with a description and photos along with your order number. Missing items will be shipped ASAP or you may also request a store credit.

This is one of those questions that is deserving of an answer something like….if a man is in the woods alone and speaks and his wife can’t hear him…is he still wrong?
We realize that several people deliver finished tumblers in white boxes. We make every effort to always send the most pristine boxes as possible. However…it’s impossible given they start their journey in a land far away before they even arrive in our warehouse. We do our best but can’t guarantee flawless boxes. We do offer a awesome kraft style box for less then $1 and it makes for an incredible presentation for your customers enjoyment! 

That’s frustrating and we get it and thank goodness it’s a simple fix! Typically the email is sent to a spam or trash folder until you add Cupartistry Blanks to your address folder. We promise it’s there and that your request isn’t somewhere in outer space! 

Good observation and there is good purpose and thought behind naming each tumbler.  We have named our tumbler line after people we do life with and those we love and call “family”.  When we pull a tumbler off the warehouse shelf and see “Grandpa Don” as a sku….it reminds us to pray for that person! On the product page you’ll find a short description about each person. We also put aside a percentage of the sales from each sku for our grandchildren and deposit that into a “someday when you’re older fund”. If the tumbler is not labeled as a grandchild funds are still gathered at the end of the year and donated to a needy family or charity. 

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