Sublimation Tumbler Heat Press


Cupartistry Deluxe Sublimation Tumbler Press 

This listing is a pre-sale listing and requires the FULL amount to be paid upon check-out. You may choose sea shipping (Approximate arrival is 4-6 weeks) or air shipping (Approximate arrival is 15-18 days from date of order). . Color options at this time are only in PINK, BLUE or Vintage Green/Teal)!

Presses are designed to be logo free so that you may personalize with your own design if desired.

Press without the hassle of shrink wrap or convection ovens and increase your productivity.  The press generates even heat and enough pressure to transfer your sublimation images quickly. This press is designed to press your sublimation tumblers of all sizes including but not limited to:

  • All skinny tumblers (15, 20 & 30oz)
  • Mason Jars
  • Water bottles
  • 2 Coffee mugs at one time
  • Low balls and Can coolers
  • Sippy cups & more!

The purchase of the press does not include shipping to your home. Shipping will be charged accordingly by zip code and only actual shipping cost will be charged.

Shipping time:

  • Sea Shipping (Approximate arrival is 4-6 weeks)
  • Air Shipping (Approximate arrival time is 15-18 days)

Refund policy: Each press is ordered specifically for each individual that places the order. Once you have placed your order we are not able to refund but we will help you sell to another person if need be. We realize things come up and life happens!

Limited 1 year manufacturer warranty on the body of the press. Heating elements do not last forever and are consumable products and eventually will need to be replaced.

In order to have success with your press, as with any new piece of equipment, you will need to spend a little time learning your press. We will help every step of the way and we will offer tutorials. Please join our private Facebook group for tutorials.

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Blue Air Shipped, Blue Sea Shipped, Pink Air Shipped, Pink Sea Shipped, Vintage Green/Teal Air Shipped, Vintage Green/Teal Sea Shipped


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