About Cupartistry

About Us

A warm welcome to Cupartistry Blanks! 

 We’re so thrilled that you have joined us!  Our team is dedicated to ensure your time with us is fun and educational as well as providing you with tools and quality products to help you become the best “CUPARTIST” you can be!

Founded in 2018 by Diana Mitchell, CUPARTISTRY LLC has come a long way on this exciting journey! However, crafting and design are not new to her. Diana spent 16 years as an owner of a retail paint/ interior design store selling popular brands such as Benjamin Moore & Porter Paint. Her expertise in this field perfected her eye for color and color theory making her a master “mix-ologist”.  The “cupping” business was not an intentional life goal but a welcomed opportunity and thus Cupartistry Blanks was born. 

Daughter Amanda joined the team in late 2018 and is also a natural when it  comes to creating and crafting. Amanda has spent 13 years as a hair color artist and is well known in the community for her many talents in the hair industry.  Her mad color “mix-ology” skills have allowed her to create some stunning glitter combinations. One of her favorite mediums is alcohol ink!

Our business is located in the quaint mid-western town of Lebanon Indiana with family close by. There is nothing that tops spending time with family and using our combined talents to create beautiful works of art for others. (After all….this is why we do what we do!) We also enjoy spending time with other crafters  as well as helping you, encouraging you and equipping you to be  the best “CUPARTIST” you can be! 

Blessings to you all and may your cup turners always be full~

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